A three-week long tour from the United States, Dallas to Hollywood

(PRIMAPRESS) ROMA – A three week long tour with five concerts in some of the most important US locations, from Dallas to the prestigious Hollywood stage. For Simone Salaè was a real success that has consecrated the international talent of the young Italian pianist. More than 6,000 tickets sold to attend his concerts with two sold-out nights. The sale of his latest record, ‘Duende’, is also very good.

“The tournament organization was perfect – he said – and the musicians with whom I played, all of the highest level. An unforgettable experience thanks to the warmth of the general public who followed me all the evenings. ” The pianist performed with one of the best American formations the “Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra” directed by Robert Carter Austine introduced to America his new album, ‘Duende’. A tour where the Latin jazz star Michel Camilo has given Simone Sala to play the world-renowned piano and orchestra suite. “For me it was an honor – commented Simone Sala – the audience liked the performance, but much of the success goes to Michel Camillo who has made a really extraordinary piece.” Simone Sala also talked about the difficult time that Italy lives: “We can not give up. We Italians have to move around the country and ultimately find the strength and the desire to collaborate in new and broad intentions to overcome the current difficulties. ” (PRIMAPRESS)


Source: www.primapress.it