At Largo Piè Di Castello, success for Sala, Molisano pianist

Termoli. Simone Sala, class 1982, native of Bojano: another of the talents of our region who for once are marking the termolese summer more than usual. He is also convinced that he is a pure and free talent, who on Sunday evening, August 11 evening, from the stage set to “Piè di Castello” at the concert concluding said: “It’s worse than Termoli, otherwise this summer in particular We would be really ugly. ” A phrase that maybe somebody seemed to be a circumstance or a way to be well-liked by the good public present and by all those who crowded the various areas of the area, but instead exchanging two chats with him turned out to be sincere and felt. Hence his thanks, reaffirmed in truth, to the Culture Minister Michele Cocomazzi, who was also present at the event, who strongly wanted to put him in programming. Happy choice.

The show was very interesting and welcomed to the public. Simone has virtues from unusual pianist and you see, indeed he feels, right away. They speak for him the various awards already won on various occasions and not just in Italy. He has performed in many cities in our country and abroad in half Europe, as well as in the US, as a soloist or with TRIO Latin Jazz, as well as with several orchestras, including the Juvenile of the Conservatory Perosi Molise’s Stable Orchestra, the Meadows Philarmonia Orchestra and beyond.

Eclectic and able to range in terms of genres and “step”, fast hands and surgical precision, from the best of itself when the rhythm rises and his music begins to resemble him who is spotted, spontaneous and enthusiastic in his relationship with others . Observing how it interacts with the audience from the stage was enough to learn to know it.

Listened to his style and piano interpretation, who seems to be very child of independent development regardless of his masters and his own examples, said: “I think no one is inventing anything, he did not even do Leonardo Da Vinci. It is vital to observe what others do and to reinterpret them according to their own nature. My music is the daughter of many fathers. I think of Beethoven’s Moonlight, which I played at 8 years, as well as Jazz, Michel Camillo, Petrucciani, Pop, Gino Paoli, including: from everything and everyone I tried to learn and borrow something and then put myself. I try to make a product that is summa, the summary of my life. ” Perfect and true, but to play genres and currents so diverse between them and doing it well, it takes the genius. Simone has it and it emits an absolutely personal stamp and entirely in line with its lively, talkative, colorful and enthusiastic indole. The result? Fingers flying on the keyboard in a wonderful and highly communicative way. He is also good at picking his own, as is evident after listening to yesterday’s drummer, the 21-year-old Gillan Capra, handsome and authoritative. To complete the team at the bottom of Mino Berlano.

At the end of the show a lot of admirers came to the musician, who found himself around a little eager anxious to know him closely, greet him and give him the merited compliments.