Simone Sala is an Italian pianist and composer who has made multi-faceted and eclectic the epicenter of his artistic message through the choice of a repertoire ranging from Classical to Latin Jazz without disparaging the Film Music and Song of Author, Always re-elaborate in a very personal key.

He is born in Bojano, a small town in Southern Italy located in Molise, in a family of long musical traditions, and he begins the study of Music and Piano very young. At 10, he entered the L.Perosi Conservatory of Campobasso where he obtained his first university degree at the age of 20, graduating with the highest marks, praise and honor. He then continued studying in Naples under the guidance of the great Italian pianist and teacher Annamaria Pennella until 2005, when he met Joaquin Achucarro during a summer course at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena. The next year he wins a full-length scholarship (the highest among those put up for auction) at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he has the opportunity to study and earn the second degree (Artist Certificate).


Winner of more than 30 prizes over 15 years of participation in world-class pianist competitions, as well as of the Medal of Merit of the Molise Region and of the Honorary Presidency of the Italian Republic, reserved for young people who deserve merit in Simone Sala has a great deal of activity in concert and production of musical events, collecting a long series of performances as well as across Italy, including Spain, England, Poland, the United States, South America and Thailand is both solo and chamber groups as well as soloist with Orchestra. Among the prestigious European and non-European ensembles that have collaborated with him are the National Ukraine State Orchestra, the Sophia Symphony Orchestra, the Molise Regional Orchestra, the Campobasso Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, the Meadows Symphony Orchestra, the Donetsk Symphony Orchestra, the Grosseto Symphony Orchestra, the Benedetto Marcello Orchestra Philharmonic Orchestra, Fondi Symphony Orchestra, Kiev Symphony Orchestra, Garland Symphony Orchestra, Arlington Symphony Orchestra, Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra, Sanremo Symphony Orchestra¬†just to mention the major. Simone Sala has been active since her early childhood, her first studio experience is in collaboration with the Quintet for the end of time with which she recorded and produced “Di Corsa” in 2008. His second recording appeared in 2010 on the album “De la buena onda” where Simone appears next to some music stars like Marcus Miller, Alex Acuna, Cliff Almond, Alain Perez, Mango, G.Baglioni and many more.





In 2011 “Duende” comes out of his first Personal Album where Simone Sala appears not only as a Pianist, but also as Arranger and Composer. The record regains record sales for an emerging pianist, and is reprinted 4 times in 3 years.







simone sala






In March 2014, “Notes” released his latest record, currently in production in Italy and abroad and already available on Amazon and Itunes as well as on all major music networks.











Simone Sala is often invited on radio and television shows as a guest, both during the presentations of his artistic projects and as an opinionist on cultural themes. He has been a guest of national and international networks such as RAI 3, RAI 2, RAI History, RAI International, SKY TV, Rai Radio 1, Rai Radio 2, Rai Radio 3, Isoradio, Radio MPA, Rai News 24, Radio Kaos, Radio Capital, Radio Jazz 101, WRR Classical 101, as well as dozens of other locally-based Radio and TV stations.

In addition to her work as a pianist, Simone Sala has been a young promoter of activities and projects with a musical and cultural background, among which are: the Artistic Directorate of the International Music Academy Mario Santoro; Located in Bojano (CB) inside Palazzo Santoro, a beautifully restored building dating back to the 11th century where for several years courses were offered for students from all over Italy and in many cases abroad. The “International Summer Summer Campus” (2008), a three-week summer course conceived and made especially for hosting professional pianists from abroad. From 2008 to 2014, Sala then held the role of Artistic Director of the World Music Project; An itinerant international festival of which Simone Sala was also the founder, and ultimately the artistic direction of Jazz in Campo, one of the most acclaimed events of South Italy in the panorama of the Jazz shows. As part of these productions, Sala has collaborated with some of the great artists including Billy Cobham, Al di Meola, Tullio de Piscopo, Tony Esposito, Michel Camilo, Vinicio Capossela, Mario Biondi, Gino Paoli, Danilo Rea, Silvia Mezzanotte, Michele Placido, Stefano Bollani, Roberto Cat and Peter Erskine, Renzo Arbore, Ernesto Vitolo, Flavio Boltro, just to name some of the main names.